The Value Of Rubber Bracelets In Promotions

These days, there are various industries with different businesses and operators under their respective umbrellas. Although these commercial participants may differ in their offerings, business approach, or targeted consumers, all of them share the need for effective advertising which is one of the most challenging things that have to be undertaken. The right strategies will determine whether or not a venture will be successful.

There are different tactics that companies can resort to whenever they want to introduce or promote a brand. One of these strategies is the distribution of corporate giveaways. Unlike advertisements coursed through various media channels, handing out promotional items like shirts, pens, lanyards, and rubber bracelets are more direct.


This personal touch makes the strategy more effective because it generates quicker responses from potential clients. Given the highly technological nature of modern day commerce, there is a large number of consumers who miss old school marketing approaches – they need the void of personal relations to be filled and this is something that the bands can accomplish.

Not only are companies saving money when they rely on these bracelets but they are also saving time. Another advantage that these items have is their ability to extend the marketing capacities of businesses after distribution. Companies can easily take advantage of free advertising, especially because most of the recipients who are given these bracelets will wear them again. When they do, the people that they encounter will see the bands and recognize the company behind it, may it be through the color used or the printed logos and text lines.

There are many opportunities for a brand to make a lasting impression not only when it comes to attracting potential consumers, but also when it comes to finding potential industry partners. Even if these exist, there is the issue of intense competition as well as a limited presentation timeframe. In such a short period of time, the audience should be engaged. This is what encourages brand or product recall. Something as simple as rubber bracelets can be of assistance when it comes to this task.

For example, when used by charitable efforts, yellow will trigger the recall of the Livestrong campaign. When pedestrians see a pink band, most of them will remember the breast cancer movement. For products, a distinct hint of red will remind them of a top-selling soda, and so on and so forth.

Aside from their capabilities when it comes to brand recognition and retention, the beauty of rubber bracelets as promotional items also comes from the low cost of producing them. They can be produced in bulk at a negligible cost compared to other methods of advertising. Because they are cheap to make, they allow companies to produce bands in large quantities for distribution further extending the reach of their marketing efforts.

Rubber BraceletsIn line with distribution, these rubber bracelets can also be handed out outside of the world of corporate functions. Especially when companies regularly sponsor certain events, they can choose to provide customized bracelets instead of actual products. On the perspective of cost, this is more practical and the recipients will appreciate it either way; the company is happy and the audiences are satisfied.

There are plenty of benefits that come with the usage of rubber bracelets in a company’s promotional efforts. These come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and can be adorned with varying prints, patterns, logos, and text. They are relatively cheap to make and are easy to distribute. They can be handed out at trade conventions, special marketing events, company-wide functions, and so on and so forth. For companies that are interested in expanding their client reach, these bracelets are worth considering for their next marketing campaign.